Family Activities in Edinburgh

Create unforgettable memories with your family in Edinburgh.

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Fun Activities For Families In Edinburgh

Enjoy a day out at Scottish National Museum

Explore the wonders of Scottish history, technology, science, the natural world, and more at the National Museum of ScotlandThe museum is a perfect day-out with it even being rated as one of the top 10 visitor attractions in the UK. Not to mention this attraction is free to visit, so just make sure to book tickets in advance otherwise there may be a queue.

Price: FREE

  • Inside the national museum of Scotland
  • dinosaur skeleton

Explore the Universe

Experience the forces of nature that formed the earth with a day out to Dynamic Earth.

Take step further into a rocket ship and witness stars forming and exploding spreading the molecules which make up us today.

Stay closer to home and dive into the depth of the sea and explore the wonder of the oceanic world.

This day out is perfect for everyone in your family with interactive exhibits that capture everyone’s imagination.

Ticket prices: From £9.95

Explore Edinburgh's Hidden Streets

Underneath the Royal Mile lies hidden chambers of streets where people from the 17th Century to the 19th Century.

With a 1-hour guided tour learn about the deepest and darkest secrets about the hidden streets of Mary King’s Close, you can listen to real-life stories from the history of Edinburgh.

Due to high demand, tours can sell out quickly, so consider booking a few days or weeks ahead of your visit.

Price: From £12.95

  • street sign of mary kings close
  • The plague doctor on the street